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Spray Disinfection Robot

Spray disinfection robot is an artificial intelligence product based on the traditional spray disinfection machine, which can realize 24 hours unattended, human and machine coexistence, and intelligent disinfection.

Blue Point disinfectant spray robot uses a large number of artificial intelligence technologies, such as visual sensor systems, audio sensor systems, intelligent voice interaction systems, unmanned driving technology, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

Blue Point always takes cutting-edge robot technology to help the disinfection work in the medical industry and other public places, to see protecting the health of people as its own responsibility. The same world, the same dream, Blue Point invites you to light up a healthy and wise life with us.

Types of Spray Disinfection Robot

Our products specifically use advanced SLAM control systems, equipped with a front-view camera, ultrasonic radar, binocular vision camera, and other cutting-edge intelligent technologies, which assure that the product with strong stability and reliability, especially the multi-scenario flexible autonomous walking ability, 24-hour autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection ability, and the ability of remote control terminal video monitoring operation, effectively reduces the risk of cross-infection and improves the ability of disinfection safety factor, which is welcomed by customers at home and abroad.
  • SPIN Spray Disinfection Robot
    SPIN Spray Disinfection Robot
    Spin spray disinfection robot uses robots as a carrier, to proceed with disinfection work in the form of diluted disinfectants. According to actual demands, it independently plans the disinfection route, be fully automatic and unmanned indoors, and perform 360° no dead band disinfection on the surface of the indoor space and the air.

How Spray Robot Works?

Using ultrasonic atomization technology, electronic over-frequency oscillation (oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz, exceeding the range of human hearing, no harm to humans and animals), through the high-frequency resonance of the atomizer, the potion is thrown away from the water surface to produce natural and elegant water Mist, atomizes the disinfectant into fine mist particles with a diameter of 1-10 microns, and sprays it into the space where need to be disinfected, achieve the effect of killing airborne bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

Advantages of Robotic Disinfectant Spray Robot

  • Large area disinfection
    For a disinfection area of 1000 square meter, a spray robot can do the task within 15 minutes, which is very efficient.
  • Cost saving
    The workload of disinfection tasks completed by one spray robot in 10 days, is equivalent to the workload of hiring four people, which save the labor cost of four people for the company.
  • The process is traceable
    The spray robot performs disinfection tasks, and the whole process adopts an electronic file recording method, so that the whole process can be saved and traced.
  • Human-machine coexistence
    A disinfectant that is harmless to the human body can be selected, so the spray robot can easily complete the task of disinfection in the place even with people around.
  • Multiple scenes
    The robot doing disinfection by spraying. The spray can completely cover various building structures within the radius, especially the corners where the viewing angle cannot be reached. The strong spr...

FAQ of Spray Disinfection Robot

  • What is the function of the spray robot?

    The spray disinfection robot has the function of autonomous movement and obstacle avoidance can automatically perform large-area disinfection operations in indoor spaces, freeing employees' hands.

  • Which disinfectants does the spray robot accept?

    The disinfectant spray robot accepts common disinfectants such as hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid.

  • If the spray robot can do disinfection in the presence of people?

    Whether a spray disinfection robot can be used in a human environment depends on the type and concentration of the disinfectant used. For example, low-concentration hypochlorous acid can be used in a human environment, but high-concentration hypochlorous acid cannot. For details, please refer to the instructions provided by the disinfectant manufacturer.

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