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BP-MSJ1 UVC Disinfection Robot-Eton BP-MSJ1 Robot UV Disinfection BP-MSJ1 uv robots for sale

BP-MSJ1 UVC Confined Space Germ Killing Cleaning Robot-Eton

BP-MSJ1 disinfection robot Eton is a line-tracking UV robot for sale specially designed for stationary sense, such as CT room and operating room. It is equipped with advanced UV-C disinfection lamps, which can do disinfection during short working gaps, and disinfect the air and object surfaces safely and efficiently. The hospital under the influence of the coronavirus is a relatively special place. How to ensure that the hospital’s CT rooms and operating rooms are operated at a normal high speed, while ensuring that the room is effectively and promptly disinfected, avoiding cross-infection, and protecting the safety of medical staff and patients, is a very difficult problem. The emergence of the Blue Point robot Eton perfectly solved this problem. Under the action of the powerful ultraviolet lamps, Eton can complete the disinfection of specific indoor areas in three minutes, thereby ensuring the high-speed operation of the hospital's CT rooms and operating rooms.

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Features of BP-MSJ1 UVC Confined Space Cleaning Robot-Eton

  • Eton uses line patrol navigation technology and is suitable for disinfection tasks in fixed scenes.

    It is only necessary to lay special black stickers along the preset route on the ground.

  • This kind of germ-killing robots are equipped with eight 36W ultraviolet lamps. Since Eton is generally used in fixed scenes when the robot is installed and deployed,

    several ultraviolet lamps will also be installed on the wall at the same time, and the auxiliary disinfection will be turned on

    when the robot does disinfection.

  • Per testing, ultraviolet disinfection robot Eton with fixed lamps can reduce the number of bacteria on the surface of the object to 1CFU/cm2 within 3 minutes

  • Eton can do room disinfection up to 40 times

Advantages of BP-MSJ1 UVC Germ Killing Disinfection Robot-Eton

  • Our confined space cleaning robot Eton is a line-tracking robot, to move on its way and avoid obstacles and recesses,

    do the disinfection to the various areas of the room.

  • Eton, a uv light sanitizer robot, has high efficient disinfection effect and completes the disinfection of a CT room or Operation room in a short time.

  • Eton accepts a remote control, to avoid any harm to the human body.

  • Eton is relatively economical compared with other robot models.

Specification of BP-MSJ1 Confined Space Germ Killing Cleaning Robot-Eton




550×550×1650 mm


50 Kg

Total UV-C Lamp Power

288 W

Lamp Lifetime

Up to 9,000 Hours

Battery Capacity

60 Ah

Standby Time

60 Hours

Operation Time

3-4 Hours

Charging Time

2.5-3.5 Hours

Max. Speed

0.1-1.0 m/s

Climbing Ability

Obstacle Climbing Ability

10 mm

Obstacle Crossing Ability

35 mm

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