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Robot Junior Scientist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for requirement analysis, technical verification, coding, and debugging of core technologies for related products;

2. Responsible for the research of relevant core software technologies and patent layout; responsible for software framework optimization, performance optimization, system optimization and reconstruction, etc.;

3. According to the needs of users and the market, cooperate with the project management of the whole process of software development, develop products and document output;

4. Responsible for the software technology docking with the supplier, joint research and development of products

Job qualifications:

1、Priority and salary preferential treatment with experience in positioning and navigation of sweeping robots/AGV/mobile robot related products and motor drive development;

2、Familiar with and master related autonomous positioning and navigation technologies, obstacle avoidance algorithms, path planning, automatic charging and other technologies, and be able to independently carry out development work;

3、Proficient in embedded C language, familiar with ROS system platform technology and project development is preferred, with more than 3 years of independent development experience;

4、Familiar with ARM core embedded application software development, including wireless communication, various peripheral interfaces, etc., have relevant independent development experience;

5、Accept cooperation methods such as project cooperation or part-time technical consultants;

Job Requirements:

C++, Robot Algorithm, AGV, Robot Motion Control, Machine Learning, ARM

Assistant Product Director

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product management in the direction of robots (manipulators), priority to product management of collaborative robots;

2. Participate in the company's demand management work;

3. Participate in assisting the development of the company's product line diagrams, and decompose the company's strategic goals to products;

4. Participate in market research and organize the product planning team to formulate product assignments;

5. Assist the integrated product management team to track and manage product projects, assist project managers in demand matching, and product solutions, development, delivery and life cycle management to ensure the implementation of product selling points;

6. Track market changes, coordinate product planning upgrades, pricing, etc. in a timely manner, and take necessary measures to maintain product business plans and achieve goals;

7. Leading the resource coordination and execution management and monitoring of the whole life cycle of the product, such as abnormal noise management, product release, product delisting, etc.;

8. Participate in the performance appraisal of the product development team;

9. Explain and demonstrate products, promote product implementation and promotion;

10. Organize to collect product user feedback, continue product optimization iterations.

Job Requirements:

1. Be responsible, and be able to take a stand alone in product work;

2. Familiar with robot industry knowledge and industrial informatization knowledge (in-depth insights into robot application scenarios, industry status and future development trends);

3. Have product management experience (participated in product work for more than 3 years, have market/project management experience);

4. Have more than 3 years of experience in the development of four or six-axis industrial/collaborative robot bodies or control systems, and be familiar with the key components of the robot (including the understanding of major suppliers), principles, core algorithms, test methods, complete development processes and understanding of the ROS system.

5. There is goal management, team communication and coordination, and organizational skills.

6. Proficiency in English, can communicate and collaborate with overseas team.

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Room 405, Building C, No.258 Xiqin Street, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Room 405, Building C, No.258 Xiqin Street, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China