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How is the efficiency of the disinfection robot

Affected by the epidemic this year, disinfection of public places has become an indispensable task, and the demand for disinfection products is also increasing. Traditional sanitizers are slow, have a small range, and have many dead ends.

1. The working efficiency of the anti-epidemic disinfection robot

Anti-epidemic disinfection robot: because it was developed during the epidemic, so we call it an anti-epidemic disinfection robot. It can replace the staff to enter the contaminated environment for disinfection operations, reducing the possibility of cross-infection.

The disinfection robot can travel up to 6 kilometers per hour, and it can complete the disinfection operation of 15,000 square meters in one hour. The 25-liter large-capacity medicine box adopts a fast-filled cannon and has a long range.

The anti-epidemic disinfection robot uses a crawler chassis, which can not only adapt to open fields and indoor disinfection operations, but also walk on irregular sites such as stairs and steps.

It is especially suitable for use in industrial parks and other environments where large-area efficient disinfection operations are required.

As the name suggests, the anti-epidemic disinfection robot is a disinfection robot named for the epidemic virus. The mist robotic sanitizer machine sprays disinfection liquid into the air to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

The anti-epidemic disinfection robot can increase the coverage and uniformity of disinfection, and can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the air without dead ends. The disinfection robot can automatically and accurately disinfect indoors according to the set route.

2. The function of anti-epidemic disinfection robot

(1) The disinfection robot has spray disinfection function;

(2) The disinfection robot can be remotely controlled to avoid obstacles;

(3) The disinfection robot has an IP65 protection level, which is dust-proof and waterproof, and performs disinfection operations around the clock;

(4) The disinfection robot is designed with a large forward inclination angle, which can reach a climbing angle of 35°, and it can also climb stairs;

(5) Thanks to the crawler chassis, the disinfection robot has high terrain adaptability and good passability.

Zhejiang Blue Point Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in 2020, co-founded by industry veterans and overseas returnees. We are committed to the research and development of artificial intelligence, public services, automated disinfection and other related technology products. Leading intelligent disinfection robots and service robots have been developed.

Zhejiang Blue Point Robotics Co., Ltd. has a core independent professional R&D team, adhering to a profound and open technological atmosphere, and insisting on the business philosophy featuring "market-oriented, technology-oriented, and customer-centric". Through continuous creation of a complete product series, sales and service channels, and leading technology, the company realizes its vision of "intelligent disinfection, with blue points but no difficulties". Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult.

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